I love this game, as an assassin, It”s the bestest of all. BUT I’m having trouble dealing with NCsoft and the way they deal with there members who have subs, and also those that do not.

I tried buying coin and it went through -deducted my 20 dollars and it”s been 2 days with out any NCCOIN in my game. I put in a ticket that was updated 4 times without a response. Only to check in the morning and it was not there. So I make another ticket saying please at least respond and tell me whats up? Nothing , no word. Now I’m getting disconnects and I cant load Blade n Soul site. I understand its launch and these things happen.

I think since it’s launch and this game is so fun and been hearing about it for the last five years. I don’t understand when people say it’s the weekend to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, Well when I work and the job has something special or its Christmas or labor day, people get overtime and work!.

Well this is a launch of a game, and you mean to tell me you guys are not even working on the weekend lol, idk..

Anyways good luck players, I hope they at least reply within uh maybe the next millenium..