Overall, it’s meeting my expectations, but I definitely can’t see myself playing super-long term (6+ months) unless the 50 patch comes soon and they make some other improvements.

I’ve waited so long for this game… I was in high school when it was announced in 2009, and now I’ve finished college and am working, it’s pretty surreal to think about. I didn’t even try it in TW, CN, or JP either, I just waited patiently.

I personally love the combat to death. I’m moderately content with the current content at 45, but I can see it getting very old in the coming weeks. Arena is amazing, World PvP is complete shit. There needs to be some sort of balancing done class-wise, namely for Summoner. Also, I’m unsure if they can do any more optimization to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, but it would be great considering I have a decent rig and regularly am running 30-40 FPS in moderately populated areas, and dipping under 20 when there are mass amounts of people even with using CTRL + F and turning on “optimization for combat”.

If you ask about game performance, then it’s frustrating. Right now after few hours of playing with lags and delays I would literally murder any of NC employes hoping their sacrifice would lessen a bit game problems.

Didn’t come into this with super high expectations knowing the game play etc… My wanting to play this game is dying down a bit too, the low spawn rates of some mobs and the just the low amount of mobs in the area in general does make questing a huge pain, even on some quests when you have to activate something and then someone just stands there ready to steal the mob when it appears is frustrating.