New players should look over this topics and not listen to any twitch streamers with little to no knowledge of this game. A Tera twitch streamer whom argued that: Over 100 ping with most class is inefficient is ‘Over Exaggerated.” He then went on stating that “There are no different if you have 40 or 50 ms.” Him coming from only maining Tera and some other game over time, with max lvl 8 from CN servers and some friends on TW, spilling out false information to his twitch viewers who haven’t played this game or have 0 knowledge…like WTF?

I just don’t get why people like this giving information out to people who have no clue about how much ping matter compared to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. The whole 2 hrs of his stream is him comparing and arguing why Tera only need 100 ms to do Fantastic and you can do same with BnS with any class. People were in his stream telling him info, but he straight up blocking him out with what his GF tell him or what he believed in. Please new players read these forums instead of going around listen to some streamers that haven’t played the game pass lvl 8!

I main a summoner in TW too. my ping usually around 59 to 61 ms. There was a period of time server was unstable and it spike to 200 to 300+. The difference is there for mostly hornets. rest of the skill are like Dots, thus not much effect. But for class 4 hornet as people mention, and also class 3 hornet if ur crit rate high and unlock the LB 5th tier skill, it a huge dps difference. since this 2 skill rely on instant cast and speed.

But it does not mean that Blade and Soul is unplayable after 100ms. I’d say the inefficiency starts showing effects from 250ms and higher, but some classes might not be able to ani-cancel that well from 200ms on wards. And, level 8 in CN? I doubt that is enough to actually predict anything. I think that’s the level where the Q and E dodge are first unlocked? It’s pretty unbelievable how he can still spill shit like that as well as saying he played till level 8, only.

I agreed ping is important though some class that can do well with 100+ ping, but for some such as LBM / LSM having 20-40 ping you will feel and see the differences during PvE (as Pomf who showed the video comparison in another thread). For him to spill stuff like that to new players is just unacceptable. He also compared to how BNS animation cancel is dull compared to Tera which have no animation cancel, but skill canceling Blade-Soul Gold. Though i did leave the stream at 2hrs mark because he was just to fixed on his Tera rather than listen to reasoning and facts, so i don’t know what else he spilt during his 15hrs livestream.