And this got me to think about an age old debate/banter me and my long time roommate have about RPGs in general. Back when ME2 (Mass Effect 2) I was upset, because it wasn’t a RPG to me, which triggered the back and forth we had for years.

Back then a RPG had to have several specific elements to qualify.

1: Leveling system, where you choose how to level.
2: Items: and inventory.
3: Background dice roll.

The reason was simple, for me a RPG video game was a simulation of a Table Top Role Playing Game, as such it had to have the basic elements found in games like D&D.
My roommate had an other idea, a RPG was a game where you choose your own path or destiny, and the player gets into the Role of the Character.
In the end we both ended up on a merged definition to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, where a good RPG had to have both design principles. The key being Good, bad RPGs could have some of the defined parts.

On to the topic at hand, what does a RPG video game mean to you? What are the essentials for a Good RPG? Does a RPG have to have a D&D core, or can it be something else.

Also as a bit of fun, are there RPGs out there labeled as other genres, but are clearly RPGs. Case in point, the Saints Row games, they have every element found in RPGs, but they are sold as “Thug-Life” games.

RPG definition different from one to another person, for me RPG meant that game suppose to have magics, shield/sword, bow classes and of course some evil magic bosses, open world exploration and my character progression should tie to the game story or game lore. Nowsaday, most RPG games are mix with some new modern world technologies to keep thing interest to player but It does kill my in game immersion. For example BnS NPC using rifle and they do have ability make it like a machine gun…and Poharan with Gatling Gun with Missiles in some CS are out of place for me period lol.
*Anything with gun/technologies game I called them FPS (orthird person) RPG games.

To me an RPG is a game that you affect the outcome of the story. Where the role you play makes a difference in the game as far as what plot lines you see, what npcs interact with you and in what capacity they do with Blade & Soul Items. Basically if the game is mostly unaffected by the choices you make, then to me it isnt really an RPG. Case in point. BnS isnt an rpg. Because you dont have any choices in regard to the story. When (spoiler alert if you havent made it to 45 and completed the story yet) Mushin convinces you to go to the dark side you have no choice in the matter. You have to do it in order to progress the game. Would have been nice to tell him to go to hell instead.