Something like a training feature was also in my mind for fixing the economy issue.
But, on second thought, creating a feature that let you destroy/study items after crafting for bonus fame does not negate the issue, it will just replace it with another economy impact.

Crafters will create 100 T4 swords. most of them will be normal quality. Just a feww masterpieces, or epics. So those crafters will naturally decide to study the normal ones and sell the higher quality stuff.

Therefore the markets will hold only high quality items wich leads to the problem, that crafters are no longer happy when crafting a masterpiece they can sell for some extra silver, but be very sad when only creating something below.

So masterpieces and above will no longer be something cool and Albion Online Power Leveling, it will become the new standard while everything below is just studying trash.

This could, imho, be avoided by putting the “study” Option at the start of the crafting process, wich will also create a new risk vs. reward aspect. Will i risk to study a maybe legendary item to get more fame or will i stay on the safe side and don´t care about Bonusfame?!

Letting people know what they had crafted if they did not decide to study is maybe a little bit sadistic and may lead to several bite attacks on variouse keyboards though 👿

(So the results maybe hidden because of that)

When crafters start to produce items they will be in a position to check the market first, look at current prices and weighing up if it´s worth to create those items or simply study them for more fame. This will keep another balance to the market because the majority will study if it´s not worth the reward (in silver) when prices raise up again due to higher demand and lower supply, more and more people will again produce items for sale instead of taking the fame.