The mercenary actually returns gems as well.

As for the unknown others, they return refined materials and you fill the journal through crafting.

So gather guys give unrefined, and crafter guys give refined. Respectively you fill by gathering and crafting.

I’m currently doing research to find if these things are even profitable or if they are just personal boosts.

Preferably I’d like to see it as a potential career, eg. Run a town of NPCs on your island to produce goods. This town could be powered by the player doing a ton of stuffs or preferably, a market could be created for journals.

An imaginary typical situation:
I’m out gathering tier 4 or 5 materials all day. I fill a few journals, but have already sent my labourer out on a job to earn more Albion Online Silver. Well, no sense making my time worth less, so I’m going to keep filling journals. I’ll sell them. They aren’t intrinsically worth much because I keep the resources gathered, but I can’t effectively use them. I’ll sell them to make a little extra buck making my time worth more. I’ll sell them on the market for a couple thousand silver.

This kind of thinking is very healthy for the economy as it increases your net worth with zero extra effort (you carry around very light books in your inventory and make money in return for the work you’re going to do regardless).

Raw Materials
Lumberjack – Gives Wood – Harvest Wood to fill
Stonecutter – Gives Stone – Harvest Stone to fill
Prospector – Gives Ore – Harvest Ore to fill
Cropper – Gives Fiber – Harvest Fiber to fill
Gamekeeper – Gives Hides – Harvest Hides to fill

Refined Materials
Blacksmith – Gives back refined mats (?) – Craft at Warrior’s to fill
Fletcher – Gives back refined mats (?) – Craft at Ranger’s to fill
Imbuer – Gives back refined mats (?) – Craft at Mage’s to fill
Tinker – Gives back refined mats (?) – Craft at Toolcrafter’s to fill

Combat / PvE
Mercenary – Gives Silver & Gems – Fight PvE mobs to fill

Happy journaling