Group Play
Grouping Feature: Players will be able to create groups in order to play together.
Fame and Loot Sharing: Within groups, there will be a system for fame and loot sharing.

World Map
Wilderness: There will be a lot of wilderness regions that will not contain any claimable territories.

Landmarks: We want to make specific regions more interesting by adding more unique and special landmarks, dungeons, faction fortresses, etc.

Tile sets/Biomes: We will add different graphic styles and tilesets (such as “Snow” or “Swamp”).

Albion Online

Bigger world: The world will become significantly bigger than during the last test.

Farming & Alchemy
Farming: We will add farming to the game, which includes planting and harvesting plots and raising animals (including mounts). Seeds for farming will be obtained from the open world.

Food: Farming will be used to produce food. Food can be consumed to buff a character for a certain period of time but will also be used as a source of supply for buildings and territories (which means you may need Albion Online Power Leveling, largely, replace the current silver upkeep). Special foods require special ingredients obtained from the open world that might be very rare.

Lower Durability Loss: As buildings now run on food, they will lose no (or far less) durability from being used than currently, so they do not need to repair any more or at least not as often.

Alchemy: Alongside farming, we will add alchemy which will enable you to brew potions.